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Auu? Sawatari Makoto here! What's going on?
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This is the amazing Koharu's inbox! It's amazing because it's mine! So don't say anything weird.

(Got a message for Koharu/Makoto? Drop it here!)
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[The video flicks on to an outstretched hand sticking out of a pile of little bells on strings, tambourines, singing fish, and other things that make noise. Guess someone was busy when the virus was on, and now she's paying for it.]

Auu... Heeeeeeeeeeelp.
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*Sawatari Makoto as you know her no longer exists.

But her DDD account and her worldhop device do. And in your worlds, you may find a small fox appear out of nowhere, playing with it. She'll bat at the device, chew on it, whatever before hiding from view or maybe getting distracted by something that looks fun to play with.

Or digging holes on your lawn. That's a possibility.*
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I don't wanna study. Do you guys have more cat videos? I can watch those instead.

Like, five hours' worth. I'll study after that. Probably. Auu.
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3:00 PM: In the computer store again. It's warm in here. Too cold outside. Decided to try posting in this community-journal-thing.

3:05 PM: I wonder what this button does.

More to follow )

(ICly, each timestamp is a separate journal entry. I don't want to spam your flists.)


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